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This weekend my husband and I tried out some recipes from this awesome site: So far we've made honey, basil, and tarragon schnapps.

So far the honey looks very normal and we're just letting it steep. We used wildflower honey because we couldn't find any heather honey. The tarragon schnapps is bright green and smells very tarragon-ny. The basil schnapps, however, never turned green, just kinda yellowish, although the scent of basil did come out. The recipe says to steep for only 24 hours, so we took off half of the superantant last night and left half in the jar with the basil leaves until tonight.

Does anyone have any experience making herb schnapps and know if you might get negative flavors if you allow it to steep too long? The basil we used was not as fresh as the tarragon (2 days older) - might that have kept flavors from being extracted?

Also, years ago I had the honey vodka at Fire Bird in NYC and loved it. The description in the menu said it had something like "hundreds of spices" but I have no idea what any of them are. Any advice on what spice flavors to mix with my honey schnapps (aside from the chili, rowan, apricot, stinging nettle schnapps recommended by the schnapps website)?


Edit: So I was wrong to doubt the Schnapps lady. We did a side-by-side taste test after the 24h and 48h steepings and the 24h was smoother and sweeter but still had enough flavor. The 48h had a stronger basil flavor, but was drier and had a teeny bitterness. We are going to let them age separately for at least a few more days before tasting again and deciding if we should blend the two lots or not.
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